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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.

Sharon Meyer

Sharon Meyer, ring, 18k gold, gemstone jewelry

Sharon Meyer, ring, 18k gold

Sharon Meyer, ring, 18k gold, gemstone jewelry, jade carved Sherrie Gallerie Short North Art Gallery

Sharon Meyer, ring, 18k gold, carved jade


Sharon Meyer, necklaces, pearl, diamond, sterling silver


Sharon Meyer, bracelet and earrings, smokey quartz, sapphire, hematite, sterling silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace and earrings, labradorite, sterling silver


Sharon Meyer, necklaces, oxidized silver, antique carved jet, pearl, carved coral


Sharon Meyer, necklace and ring, pearl, diamond, sterling silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace, amethyst, sterling silver

Sharon Meyer, earrings, 18k gold, gemstone jewelry

Sharon Meyer, earrings, Sonora Sunrise, 18k gold


Sharon Meyer, necklaces, pyrite, london blue topaz, lodalite, 18k gold


Sharon Meyer, necklace, pyrite, mother of pearl, sterling silver


Sharon Meyer, earrings & ring, coral, white gold, diamonds


Sharon Meyer, earrings, pyrite, silver, diamonds


Sharon Meyer, necklace & earrings, pyrite, gold, aquamarine


Sharon Meyer, ring, jade, diamond, silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace, pearl, jade, coral, gold


Sharon Meyer, necklaces, ruby, tourmaline, gold, diamonds


Sharon Meyer, necklace, onyx, silver, diamonds


Sharon Meyer, necklace, pyrite, druzy, quartz, silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace, pearl, diamonds, silver


Sharon Meyer, ring, silver, quartz


Sharon Meyer, bracelet & earrings, silver, diamonds, jade


Sharon Meyer, necklace, pearl, silver, diamonds, jade


Sharon Meyer, necklace & pendent, amazonite, jade, gold


Sharon Meyer, rings, silver, onyx, pearl, turquoise


Sharon Meyer, bracelet, earrings, ring, carnelian, silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace, black tourmaline, silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace, silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace and bracelet, carnelian, gold, diamonds


Sharon Meyer, earrings, dinosaur bone, smoky quartz, sapphire, cameo, silver

Sharon Meyer gemstone art jewelry silver catseye necklace Sherrie Gallerie

Sharon Meyer, necklace, catseye, silver

Sharon Meyer gemstone art jewelry moonstone gold ring earrings bracelet Sherrie Gallerie

Sharon Meyer, bracelet, earrings, ring, gold, zircon, diamonds

Sharon Meyer gemstone art jewelry silver ring Sherrie Gallerie

Sharon Meyer, ring, silver, quartz

Sharon Meyer, bracelet, onyx, silver, meteorite

Sharon Meyer, ring, gold, peridot

Sharon Meyer, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, onyx, turquoise, enamel, diamonds

Styel#14026-DN small.jpg

Sharon Meyer, necklace, blue opal, silver

Sharon Meyer, necklace & earrings, blue opal, silver

Sharon Meyer, ring, pearl, diamonds, gold


Sharon Meyer, necklaces, pearl, pyrite, diamonds, silver

Sharon Meyer, necklace, rose quartz, gold


Sharon Meyer, necklaces, rose quartz, gold, tourmaline


Sharon Meyer, necklace, pearl, gold, druzy, SOLD


Sharon Meyer, necklace, pearl, gold

Sharon Meyer, necklace, rainbow pyrite, gold


Sharon Meyer, necklace & brooch, pearl, gold

Sharon Meyer, ring, pearl, gold, diamond

Sharon Meyer, bracelets, silver, trilobite

Sharon Meyer, rings, silver, trilobite


Sharon Meyer, necklace, pyrite, silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace, turquoise, silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace, pearl, silver


Sharon Meyer, necklace

Sharon Meyer, necklace, earrings, rings, carnelian, silver, gold


Sharon Meyer, necklace & earrings, lapis, silver

Sharon Meyer, necklace & earrings

Sharon Meyer, rings, jade, silver

Sharon Meyer, bracelets & earrings, spinel, silver

Sharon Meyer, necklace

Sharon Meyer, necklace, pearl, silver, diamonds

Sharon Meyer, necklaces


Sharon Meyer, necklaces & earrings, rose quartz, diamonds, sapphire, silver

Sharon Meyer, necklace & earrings, gold, druzy, sapphire, opal


Artist info


Sharon has been designing jewelry for exclusive specialty stores, galleries and jewelers for over thirty years. Her flair for design and eye for color and texture result in timeless jewelry that anticipates, rather than follows fashion trends. Synergy best describes Sharon’s art. Her personality and passion are reflected in every design, a result of her personal involvement in all aspects of the art, from purchasing through execution. Sharon’s immediately recognizable designs have been referred by collectors and peers alike as “wearable art”.

Sharon travels extensively showing her work nationally. She is a long time member of Fashion Group International and an annual exhibitor at
the international SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art) show. Loving the work she does, Sharon continues to create stunning “wearable art”’ coveted by collectors across the country.