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694 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215


Sherrie Gallerie is a Contemporary Art gallery located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in three-dimensional contemporary art including glass, ceramics, wood, fiber, mixed media, and art jewelry.

Hunter Stamps

Velvet Torque,27x13x15, Ceramic small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Velvet Torque, ceramic, 27x13x15 in

Husk, 7x26x25, Stoneware small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Husk, ceramic, 7x26x25 in

Magma II, 10x24x19, Ceramic and rubber small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Magma II, ceramic, 10x24x19 in

Envelop small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Envelop, ceramic

Billow, 5x17x17 inches small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Billow, ceramic, 5x17x17 in

Ripple, 5x24x25 inches, Stoneware small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Ripple, ceramic, 5x24x25 in

Slither, 6x13x11inches, woodfired stoneware small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Slither, ceramic, 6x13x11 in

Magma I, 7x16x26, Ceramic and rubber small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Magma I, ceramic, 7x16x26 in

Cradle, 8x19x16, Woodfired Stoneware small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Cradle, ceramic, 8x19x16 in

Envelop III small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Envelop III, ceramic

Weathered,9x23x25, Woodfired Stoneware small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Weathered, ceramic, 9x23x25 in

Vicissitude, 20x25x19 inches, Glazed Stoneware small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Vacissitude, ceramic, 20x25x19 in

Large Gold Bowl Form II small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Luscious, ceramic, 9x25x24 in, SOLD

Small Blue Bowl Form small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Velvet Aboration, ceramic, 6x13x10 in

Metamorphosis, 9x24x13 inches, Glazed Stoneware  small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Metamorphosis, ceramic, 9x24x13 in, SOLD

Entwine, 6x7x6 inches, Woodfired Stoneware small.jpg

Hunter Stamps, Entwine, wood fired ceramic, 6x7x6 in

Artist Info



"This series of ceramic sculptures addresses the concept of outpouring, both in formal and emotive manners. Fluid movements capture both the outpouring of form and the inevitable return to the contained inner space. Clay takes on many different levels of fluidity through its various stages of drying, from liquid slip, to fleshy putty, to hardened stone. The physicality of my process exploits this fluid material nature, which is a powerful metaphor for the transformation of matter and energy.
The creative process involves throwing dozens of forms on the potter’s wheel and then altering, cutting and assembling those parts into abstracted vessels. Participating in a rich tradition of American ceramics referencing the history of functional ceramics while also striving to forge innovative avenues of expression." - Hunter Stamps

Hunter Stamps is a University Research Professor and Associate Professor of Ceramic Sculpture at the University of Kentucky. His sculptures have appeared in over 170 juried, invitational and solo exhibitions; including galleries across the nation as well as China, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Mexico and Spain. Hunter’s work is held in permanent collections at the Cultural Center of Kapfenberg, Austria; Keramik Museum Westerwald of Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany; and the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen City, People’s Republic of China.

Fascinated with kiln technology, Hunter has constructed several soda, salt, wood and waste vegetable oil burning kilns over the years. Hunter and Markus Urbanik led in the construction of the catenary arch wood kiln at the Watershed Center for Ceramic Art in New Castle, Maine.  During the summer of 2012, Hunter led students in the construction of a wood-burning anagama kiln at the University of Kentucky. Additionally, he has conducted numerous workshops and participated in several residencies at places such as Red Lodge Clay Center in Montana.